Black I/O Psychologists Advocating For Police Reform

We're striving to establish a society where Black people are empowered to utilize the public utility that is, law enforcement agencies, free of fear, racial hatred, prejudice, and discrimination.

Who We Are

Our organization leverages the expertise of Black Law Enforcement professionals and Black Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychologists to build relationships between Black communities and police municipalities.


How We Can Impact Bias


Everyone has bias. Some biases are conscious whereas others are unconscious. However, bias that results in mistreatment towards any group of people is unacceptable in law enforcement. We need to train officers to recognize their biases and overcome them.


Screening applicants for harmful beliefs and past behavior is an important step toward ensuring that standards for officers remain high.


Positive cultural change and community trust can only be achieved by regular community engagement and the role modeling of ideal behaviors by leadership.


Implement novel instructional design techniques that support officers at the point of performance.

African-American I/O Psychologists should be utilized to address issues with law enforcement due to our experiences as African-American citizens in the United States and because we possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to address public concerns.

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Positive and effective transformation begins with addressing the intergenerational culture of distrust of law enforcement within the African-American community. As children, we are taught to distrust police officers and how to engage with them to stay safe. Many African-American youths considering a career as a Police Officer fear being ostracized by their family and friends.

Amicable real-world solutions that will increase trust in Police Officers can only be accomplished by Legislators and Law Enforcement collaborating with the African-American community. As long as we continue to work in silos, the relationship between Police Officers and the African-American community will remain broken.

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