Black I/O Psychologists Advocating For Police Reform

We're striving to establish a society where Black people are empowered to utilize the public utility that is, law enforcement agencies, free of fear, racial hatred, prejudice, and discrimination.

Who We Are

Our organization leverages the expertise of Black Law Enforcement professionals and Black Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychologists to build relationships between Black communities and police municipalities.


How We Can Impact Bias


All individuals have unconscious biases, though biases toward a certain group of people is unacceptable in law enforcement.


The psychological evaluation and interview with a clinician serves as the only selection and hiring component to potentially detect any underlying racial biases.


Command staff has a responsibility to exhibit appropriate behaviors and foster an inclusive culture; increasing community participation in decision-making to combat mistrust.


Incorporate on-the-job simulations to better detect bias; transforming training to focus on community and culture rather than use of force.

The community of Black IO Psychologists should be utilized to address law enforcement issues, due to our expertise in combination with our experiences as African American citizens in the United States. IO Psychologists are equipped with the necessary skill sets to address concerns raised by the public.

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Call To Action

We first need to need to address the culture of public distrust. We are taught from a young age to be distrustful of the police; parents often train their children about how to interact with the police in order to stay safe. These beliefs are passed down inter-generationally. Many black youths considering a career in law enforcement may fear losing their family and friends, essentially being ostracized.

We need to build changes collaboratively. As long as we continue to work in silos - we can design very amazing and ideal scenarios that don't really play out well in the real world. Each community needs to work with leaders, youth groups, law enforcement and legislators to build pipelines.

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The Blacks in I/O Psychology for Reform team would be happy to connect, so you can learn more about our community outreach initiatives.


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